Do you need to transform an office into a bedroom, or open the kitchen onto the living room ? In short, do you wish to carry out renovations while being reassured about the control of costs and deadlines ?
Exclusive Agency offers
you a solution of renovations managed by a single point of contact. In the form of personalized support, adapted to your renovation project. From refreshing to complete renovation, our teams take care of everything : all trades for interior renovation, while respecting your deadlines and budgets.

Entrust us with your projects, we take care of everything!

• Realization of the estimates
• We advise you in the development of your interior
• In the spirit of your dedicated budget
• From carpets, lights, interior furniture, design objects and decorative accessories. Discover our range directly in our SHOWROOM !


How to create a "love at first sight" effect with potential buyers thanks to home staging?
The goal of home staging is to create a " love at first sight/ heart-stopper " effect during visits, using decoration as a real estate marketing tool. To create the right impression that will make the difference between several properties, the prospective buyer must be able to imagine himself at home, with his furniture and his tastes. This requires an impression of space, luminosity, sobriety of colors, but also the absence of odors (tobacco, animals), and the removal of elements that are too personal (photos, collections).

How much does it cost to enhance your property?

Today, our agencies in Cannes include in their services, especially in the case of exclusive mandates, the intervention of a home stager. It is necessary to count approximately 250 € for an examination of your interior and the handing-over of a written and detailed report. Afterwards, you are free to make the necessary changes yourself, based on the leads mentioned in the diagnosis, or to go further with the home staging professional, who will then intervene on a half-day or full-day basis for example.
Generally, it is recommended not to invest more than 5% of the selling price of the property, the goal not being to generate major work such as the removal of a wall, but to depersonalize, modernize and give a "new look" to the property. The principle of home staging is to use economical techniques to give your apartment or house a makeover.

Towards a virtual home staging in 3D?

Our partners propose a virtual home staging allowing future buyers to visualize the potential of the property, without you having to carry out any work yourself in your home. For this, the interior designer, often accompanied by a graphic designer, use real photos of the property that he will transpose into a 3D environment by making all the necessary changes to enhance the value of the property: rearrangement of spaces, new decoration, fitting out an empty room, etc. It is even possible to go further than a classic home staging by opening up a wall for example. Potential buyers can thus project themselves in another configuration and have a glimpse of possibilities offered by the property.

To help you sell at the best price in the shortest time, such are the objectives of our collaborators, who will accompany you in particular for :
• Take stock of your home and your expectations
• Brainstorm together about adapted solutions
• Direct you to our housing specialists
• Plan before / after work (projection)
• 2D and/or 3D plan
• Home staging
• Renovation
• Decoration
• Arrangement

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